How to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death?


If you have using the WordPress for your website or blog  or you have maintaining others WordPress  websites . Then you faces one problem at least one time in your whole WordPress Journey that problem is your whole WordPress site is opening but showing white screen. This is done sometimes with some pages , or some times with admin panel some pages works but some are not . There were several reason for this that are :

Memory Limit :

Usually this error happens due to your memory is being exhausted for that you can increase your memory by following steps :

1.Going to your c-panel provided by Hosting Provider or through FTP.

2.And then open your File manager and open the location of root folder of your WordPress hosted site .

3.Then use this code –  define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’ ); 

paste it in your wp-config.php file after the  /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */ and then save it.

It’s all about if your WordPress site stop due to Memory Limit then you can use this procedure but be sure that you have proper backup of your WordPress website .

Due To Plugins :

Some times this problem come due to plugins because plugins uses more memory then limit . Then in this situation you have to disable all the plugins if . Your WordPress website some pages are opening and some are not and you are able to open plugins page.

WordPress Themes :

If you using any free theme then please change it to default theme that comes with free official WordPress theme . These theme also uses more memory if you use non – official theme of WordPress .

Other Important Fix :

Some times It may be a plugin issue. Please try the following if you are not able to open plugins page or admin page then take some  temporary steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Using FTP or whatever file management tools your host has provided you with navigate to the wp-content directory.
  2. Once there locate and rename the plugins directory to plugins-old. Do not deleted that directory just rename it.
  3. Try and re-login to your WordPress dashboard.

If Problem is still then please tell us by putting that in comment section .