How to make money by google adsense ?


How to make money by google ad sense?


If you want to know what is Ad sense and how to make money from it then read this post.
It is very common on World Wide Web that every body want to make money online by Google Ad sense .
Google Ad sense is very know Advertising company.
By the Google Ad sense you create lots of money
by putting the ads on your website which is given by Google advertising company.
Before applying for Google Ad sense . You must have mention these things on your website.
1.Your website do not contain piracy or copyrighted content .
2.Your website must having contact page . And all pages are completely made no any page is under construction .
3.Your age must be above from 18 years .If not than apply Ad sense by help of your parents.

4.Your website or blog must have lots of content and that content could not be copyrighted or cheated from others blog or anything .
5.Your website must have lots of visitors .

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