How to use other video and upload it to my youtube account ?


                                If there is a option for youtubers for getting money from others videos ? Yes Or No

So hi guys I am Nikhil here in this post we will talk about youtube videos . Suppose if a person don’t have time to make youtube videos then can he use others videos and monetize it on its own channel . Yes it is possible and it is also happen by following some genuine way . Such as Lets get started…

  1.   Go to and search for video that you want to download . 

  2.  After searching see at top you got an option name Filter  Click on that .

  3. After clicking on that you got lots of options asking for time , Day , Channel , show e.t.c Like this.

  4. But you have to click on option Creative commons .
  5. After clicking on creative commons You get some on look filter search and download any video that you want to download but always remember that   download and upload only those video on youtube which having creative common license or reuse allowed .  

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