Make Money Online……………………


Make money online……..

Making money online is dream of every person but some times some people come on internet  to make money but they does not get money from internet and stop working on it .Sometimes They started doing wrong things such as doing scams for money these things are bad .But it is not the path for making money online .I tell you that how can you make money online by writing blogs .Just follow my steps….
  1. Start writing Blogs.
  2. Write regularly at fixed time no delay.
  3. Don,t think that you get money or not.
  4. Only do your work by whole mind.
  5. After approx writing 12 blogs(Blogs should be of 300-500 words)
  6. Then apply for ad-sense.(  What is Google Ad-sense? How to make money by it )
  7. If ad-sense not approved then be in passionate and wait .
  8. Don,t stop writing blogs.
  9. Do SEO   for your website.
  10.  And then re apply for ad-sense.
  11. And you got approved.
So guys don,t hesitate if ad-sense does not approved .There were many other genuine ways for getting ads on your site i come with new blog in which i tell you that how you can make money by website without ad-sense.If you have any question then comment and keep share this blog to get more.