A guide to the world of Search Engine Optimization | SEO


A guide to the world of Search Engine Optimization

Do you want to expand the reach of your webpage? Do you need help in online marketing? Search Engine Optimization tools is what you need. Today, the world is nothing without the internet. Everything runs through it and technology will only advance further. SEO tools and search engine marketing are a must have to make your website known. For a business to make money, start with making your web page seen to as many people as possible. If you do this, most of your work is done.
To know more about SEO, we have to first know how it operates. So how does a search engine operate?
It mainly has two functions- Crawling and Indexing. The other is giving the search users a ranked list. This list consists of websites that have been determined and most relevant. Search engines are like today answering machine. When a person looks for an answer, he/she goes to Google. This is where SEO comes in handy. By using accurate words, there will be more awareness of your page. SEO involves different algorithms, relevance and popularity. These comprise of thousands of variables so it is referred to as ranking factors.

How would one succeed in marketing their website?

Some may think that it is impossible to penetrate in the web world because of the complicated algorithms. However, this isn’t true. The engines do provide with some insight in order for you to achieve the maximum traffic to your website. It does help you with better results as well. But what they really give is about the best practices and optimization on the whole. Some SEO tools that can help are-

Google Webmaster – an SEO tool, helps and recommends better guidelines for ranking. It mentions to make pages primarily for the users and not for SEO. Cloaking (deceiving) is not recommended. The site needs to have clear text links and hierarchy. It recommends you create definitive titles, informative site, use people friendly and descriptive URLs, etc.
Google PageSpeed insights- This is an SEO tool that helps you get a check on the usability and speed of your website in more than one device. It gives you an idea of where to improve.
Google Analytics- This kind of SEO tool a detail report of the most important things: Tracking your traffic and keyword insight that makes it land to your page.
Google Keyword Planner- To have a strong strategy and statistics on keywords, you need to put a keyword(s) into this SEO tool. It will give you a monthly search volume, terms you should not have considered and competitions.
Google trends- A quick browse or search on this SEO tool can help give information on the SEO opportunities and potential terms to be used.
Copyscape- If you want to find out that your content is plagiarism free; this kind of SEO tool comes handy. You just have to enter the URL of the website/blog and see if that content already exists.

These are just a few free tools that will help your website get a boost.

The other way to look into online marketing is the Search Engine Marketing or SEM system.

This is a type of online marketing that involves advertising of the website. This helps in the increase in visibility in the search engine result pages. The possibility of advertising the page was possible through a payment. Search Engine Marketing can include the SEO which helps in adjusting or rewriting the site architecture and content for higher ranking. Pay per click campaigns needs to be looked up to enhance traffic

Social Media Marketing-

Today, every business needs a lot of marketing of their product and it is vastly possible through Social Media Marketing as well. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest have become a huge hub for start-up businesses. They have phenomenal power in spreading awareness of your website. Using the right keywords are the basic tricks. Any kind of advertisement in these forums boosts the traffic towards your site. It is however important that the number of bounce rate not be high otherwise the algorithm may unlist your page.

Many a times depending only on SEO is not an appropriate strategy, hence the Search Engine Marketing becomes helpful.