What is affilate marketing ?


What is affiliate marketing ? 


If you want to know about affilate marketing than read this post .

Affiliate marketing is a place where a common people just like me and you can make money by telling to your audience to a particular link that is given by company which you select It depend upon company policy which you select .

In affiliate marketing there many eCommerce companies like Flipkart , Snapdeal ,Amazon there are many other but I prefer you that these three website are best for affiliate .
For affiliate you have to go and search on google or search engine that you use .For the company you have to choose as your affiliate membership .
After choosing membership then you have to open your membership page and fill up your details .You have to fill right details and if you are below the age of 18 then you have to need help of your parents . If you fill wrong bank account information then
Your earning will be transfer to wrong person . After this you have to copy links that you want to share with your audience on any where you want .When your friend buy anything from the link shared by you you get commission on it . It depends on policy of that company which you choose .

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