WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org | Which One is best ??


Hi Guys today I am going to discuss with you about WordPress . The first question which come in our mind is that What is WordPress ? .So the answer is that wordpress is a CMS platform which provide free facilities to create website or blog .In today’s time many websites are using WordPress for creating and managing their own websites. WordPress is free but there is a big problem and some peoples are confused when they search on Google for WordPress then Google and search Engines such as yahoo ,ASK e.t.c  shows two website with branding and naming of wordpress . The websites are WordPress.com and WordPress.org . These two are different from one another. The Basic and as you say main difference is about hosting WordPress.com Not providing you freedom to Host your Website where you want to host WordPress.com providing their own hosting which cost you too much  . And the other one that is (i.e.) WordPress.org This is a best platform as in my opinion because this is free and it is just as an CMS which you can download from there website and then you have to only install this in your hosting account it provide you freedom for getting the platform for Web hosting you can also use it for building Ecommerce Platform  Many bloggers and web developer are using   this platform For making Money online . So thank you for reading this blog if you have any question then comment on it.