Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 officially confirmed, release expected in Q4


Xiaomi in a Weibo post today has officially confirmed that the successor of the Mi Mix aka the Mi Mix 2 exists and will be launched sometime in the second half of the year.

Considering the fact that Xiaomi unveiled the Mi Mix in November last year, we expect the company to launch the Mi Mix 2 around the same time this year (Q4) as well assuming it will stick to the 1-year cycle.

Xiaomi has posted images of the designer having a good time with the Xiaomi team. It has been reported that he had made a similar visit earlier as well during which it was confirmed that the Mi Mix designer would be designing the Mi Mix 2 as well. We didn’t get any images, etc. to confirm the design of the smartphone. However, it is expected that the Mi Mix 2 will also have a bezel-less display with a possibly more screen-to-body ratio.

As far as the launch of this smartphone is concerned, it is expected that the smartphone will make a debut around the same time last year. If you remember, the Mi Mix was launched in the month of November last year. Well, if the rumors are to be believed then we should be seeing the successor around the same time this year as well.

As mentioned earlier, we don’t have a lot of info about the specs of this smartphone, however, we are hoping that it will be packed with all the powerful specs are available in the market. Also, don’t be surprised if you see a curved display on the sides of this smartphone since that seems to be the current trend and it would certainly make the device look fancier